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About Living Calm

Our Stress Management Program

Living Calm Stress ManagementLiving Calm is an innovative stress management approach that revisits stress as a concept and combines it with the latest thinking in the area of health and well-being. The program is designed to bring lasting change with a framework of immediate relief. You learn the tools and strategies to live a calmer life.


Central to Living Calm is the belief that stress is individual; no two people have the same stress profile. Therefore, it stands to reason the best solution for the stress in your life has to come from you.

Living Calm participants develop a personalised sustainable approach to increasing calm in their lives. This approach is consistent with recent research that show one of the most significant factors for ongoing change in a personal life is self-help (Jeffrey Guterman, Ph.D).

Key features of Living Calm stress management is:

  • Skills based
  • Strategic and practical i.e. small, well selected change leads to big outcomes
  • A combination of relief/strategy and framework for ongoing change
  • Evergreen i.e. the skills learned are skills for life and can be translated to a range of contexts
  • A collaborative approach: Participants are recognised as skilled, resourceful and the expert in their own life.

In Living Calm we say it’s All About You; your choices, your relationship and your lifestyle.

“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”

Hans Selye – Father of Stress