Living Calm For Families

Is your home the peaceful, loving sanctuary you wanted for yourself and your family? Or do you sometimes:

  • Feel you/your children are out of control?
  • Dread going home?
  • Feel you’re at your wits end?
  • Feel (at times) like you don’t know how to relate to your children?
  • Feel like you’ve got nothing else to give?
  • Feel like the unpaid help?
  • Hate the sound of your own voice i.e. nagging?
  • Wish you’d bought a budgie?
  • Feel like you’re running out of calm parenting strategies ?
  • Want family life to be different but don’t know how or where to start?

If you answered yes to all or some of these questions fear not. Because being the parents you’d hoped and imagined is easier than you currently think.

What people didn’t tell you?

Parenting can push your buttons, few parents ever predict how much. If ‘loving our kids is enough’ why isn’t it??? Love is essential. And, as every parent discovers, love is only one part of the equation; skills are another.  But skills in what?

Impact of Stress?

The majority of us don’t understand “stress”. Therefore we underestimate it’s impact on ourselves and our family. Most of us believe stress is the “Fight or Flight” response, but this is not the complete stress picture.

Recent research found that stress affects the stressed person and has a cascading affect to their family including children.  We now know stress affects: how we feel, our health and how we behave. Most parents learned to deal with stress from their family who may not have had the skills themselves. The impact of stress means our biology becomes our biography.

Stress and Your Children

‘Give me the child until it is seven and I will give you the man’  – Jesuits.

Science is discovering the first six years of life are ‘downloaded’. The information babies and young children ‘download’ is now recognised to have life-long impact. Remember the documentary 7 Up? Science is now redefining parents as ‘genetic engineers’.

Dr John Gottman (Professor and leading marriage/parenting researcher) found stressed parents means stressed children. He found stress hormones present in 24 hour urine samples of children in homes with conflict. He discovered stressed children have attention problems.  He is linking familial stress with attention problems in children and adults.

Because family members are so interconnected Dr Gottman says when we as parents ‘work on one aspect of our lives we work on every aspect of our family life’. This is great news; stress is everywhere and it makes everything worse, so Living Calmer is a great place to start.

Living Calm for Families is a self paced program that helps parents (and families) understand what’s going on fast and start making positive change.

In our own lives we’ve gone from stressed to living calmer and the results have been amazing.

Living Calm for Families helps you identify: how you ‘do stress’; what factors make up your stress load; develop strategies to remove the stressors and neutralise the impact of stress while moving you toward increasing level of calmness.

Stress is individual:

  • No one else has the same stress profile as you/your family.
  • Nobody does stress the same way you /your family
  • No one else lives your life, has your goals and aspirations

Therefore, it stands to reason the best solution to Living Calmer in your family has to suit your family’s needs.  Throughout Living Calm for families participants learn new ways to understand and reduce stress. They develop a personalised approach to increasing calm in their lives. As we say in Living Calm: it’s All About You.

Living Calm for families is available in a range of formats to suit your lifestyle, needs and family.  Additional face to face support is available if desired.